Switching hosting web providers is something most of us will have to do every now and then; whether to get greater capacities, or simply greater customer service. Switching is easy enough, but there are a few things that need to be completed to make the process as smooth as it should be; here’s a quick guide.

Back up your data – Backing up site data is crucial, to ensure you have a site to go back to. Backing up can be done online easily enough, or simply taken in house. However, best practice says to do it in both places; you can never be too careful with such things after all.

Transfer data – Having backed up everything, it is now time to transfer it all across to your new host. This can be done, again easily enough, with FTP. However, checking where you are transferring it to is key. Ideally, ask for a temporary real domain, rather than a basic temporary domain, which should ensure that all codes carry on working throughout the process.

Change nameservers – This is no more involved than notifying the company that sold you the domain of the change. Again, a simple task, though this could of course be complicated should you have purchased your domain through your hosting web ; but the new host may be able to help here.

Change DNS nameservers – To ensure the site moves over seamlessly, and no visitors, (or potential visitors), are left in the ether, the domain registrar will need to be informed of the change too. It is not unusual to be advised this will take up to forty-eight hours to process, but this is seldom the case.

Once everything has been transferred, you will need to change the nameservers, to instruct the web that your site has moved. Contact the company you originally bought the domain name from, and notify them of the information.

The domain registrar will also need to be notified, in order the DNS nameservers can be pointed to the new host too. As a rule, customers are advised this could take up to 48 hours to become live, though the process tends to be much quicker than this in reality.

That is pretty much it for switching hosting web providers really; but there is just one thing. Keep your old hosting account open for at least a week, ideally longer. Though problems are not at all common, having something top fall back to should it all go wrong could be more than beneficial.

Whilst you may be eager to cancel your old web hosting account, it is best to wait at least 2 working weeks before doing so. In most cases, the process of switching is pretty seamless, but problems do occur; so having a back up should you really hit a roadblock is always good.

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