When you have decided that you want to have a talking spokesperson on your website the next logical step is to work with a Website Spokesperson service in order to get the job done. Working with the website spokesperson service you will create a spokesperson for your website that will help guide any and all of your visitors through your site.

Though you would think that the process is hard it really is no harder than a few steps and all of the technical stuff that would be hard is handled for you by the website spokesperson service. Here is how the typical process of creating your spokesperson works:

• Brainstorm: The first step in creating your website spokesperson will be a brainstorming session with the service you decide to go with. Here you will discuss everything from the type of spokesperson you want to how many website pages they will be on and even what they need to say.
• Dialogue: The dialogue or script of the spokesperson is often written first by you the customer and then gone over by the website spokesperson service and changed here and there in order to improve the overall effectiveness.
• Attire: After you have seen and approved the script you will then work with the website spokesperson website to determine what type of attire your spokesperson will wear. Be sure to stay with the theme of your website in this step.
• Filming: This is the part where the magic, or rather your spokesperson, is created. This step has the actor or actress that will be your spokesperson delivering your script in whatever manner you want them too.
• Editing: Once the actual filming is done then it is off to be edited. This is the point where the website spokesperson service will add sound effects, music, and other goodies that will enhance the spokesperson on your website.
• Implementation: Once you have seen the finished product and approve of it the last step is to implement the spokesperson into your website. This is done by the website spokesperson service and they will generally upload the virtual spokesperson to your website using a special program such as Flash.

Once complete you will have a walking, talking spokesperson for your website and enable your visitors to find what they are looking for both faster and with greater ease.

Depending on the website spokesperson service that you decide to go with the entire process from start to finish can take anywhere from seven days to two weeks. Obviously the more intricate your spokesperson will be, the longer it will take to fully implement. Other factors include how many pages your spokesperson will be on and how long you will have the spokesperson talking for.

While each website spokesperson service will vary, for the most part the process is the same. Some services will be more accommodating than others so you should be sure to sit down and get an evaluation with the website spokesperson service before you sign on the dotted line.

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