Basically web hosting service is offered in two types of operating system these days, Windows and Linux. This article will guide through those of you who are still unsure which hosting to choose and will explain why Windows hosting is a better choice for you people.

Where do these operating systems function? Windows hosting is gaining popularity in this field these days and has become the second preferred choice after Linux to the users. Well, they are installed in the central part of the server and play a crucial role in ensuring your website is fully functional and lets you take rest after having this. If your web page is using Microsoft technologies such as Front Page, ASP, ASP.NET then Windows hosting provides the best solution for you and a great reliability.

Windows hosting packages includes either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 operating systems. Besides that these operating systems also have improved security features that make you relax about your security and can meet growing performance demand very well. These systems are based on Microsoft NT systems therefore these operating systems provide reliable end to end server management.

This Windows design has made it to be an efficient tool for integrating various business operations over the web to use. Apart from that, windows server also combines web development environment for you where .Net Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be deployed to create dynamic web pages and applications for the users. Though Microsoft had replaced Front page with Expression Web but it is still the most widely used web design and most liked one and development application.

Windows Server 2003 and 2008 is the best Operating Systems for hosting Microsoft SQL Server database server. Today’s applications require database as their systems backend; either as database-drive portal applications or e-commerce website such as selling hotel deals or phone card online, database plays a crucial factor in this case.

Microsoft is known as most user-friendly hosting solution contributed mainly by these attributes and more. This is because it is made for beginner web developers in mind where it offers easy to new user, and gives use interface and much easier to operate if compared other server side scripting technologies and it is also flexible enough to integrate with wide range of programming languages for good programmers.

The benefits of having Windows hosting are that it is compatible with all of the Microsoft products and you don’t need to figure out the compatibility of your products you are using. In addition to that, many developers out there have developed software and programs that are compatible with Windows platform and this gives them a great ease to work. This platform also works well with open source technologies such as PHP, Perl and MySQL.

From the financial point of view, Windows hosting has always been costlier than that of Linux and that is the drawback. Even if you have to pay a little extra, affordable Windows hosting is available in abundant and that is the reason to choose this. Unless you want to have your own server, the hosting can be as affordable as Linux hosting. It can be said that Windows is an excellent hosting choice that can cater for wide range of need but it is good choice to have.

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