Maintaining your Home Business website is crucial to establishing your businesses online web presence. Many small businesses do not understand the value of self-hosted websites, and instead use free, 3rd party alternatives. Here is a quick look at why self-hosting is essential to establishing your online identity.

Your Own Domain

If you choose a free hosting solution, you will not get to use your own domain. Owning your own domain is important to establishing a solid web presence for several reasons. First, if you own your domain name, you never have to worry about your website content. If you use a free hosting alternative, and they go out of business, you lose everything. They also have the final say about what you put on your website, including ads. Finally, they will place their own ads on your website. This looks very unprofessional and will quickly turn away customers. By owning your own domain name you have complete control over where your website can be found.


By using self hosting, you get the freedom to use any software that you need. This includes software to create a blog, connect with customers via social media outlets, as well as your own content management system. With free hosting, this is never an option. In order to have the flexibility to whatever you want with your website, you must using a quality hosting company. You also have the option to purchase excellent 3rd party plug-ins that can make your internet home business website more functional and more customer friendly.


If you want people to take your small business seriously, you must take it seriously. By using free hosting, you blatantly telling your customers that your website is worth their time. In order for your website to be an asset to your company, it must provide some sort of value. Free hosting companies are using your website to promote their products, which detract the focus away from your business. If people leave your website, then they will never take action and take advantage of the products or services that you offer.

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of these reasons boil down to one thing – control. Would you really want some other company to in charge of your businesses website? Only self hosting gives you the professional appearance and choices necessary to create the exact website that you need. As a business, your website must appear professional and internet users have become web savvy enough to tell when a business is not taking their website seriously.

If you are not willing to treat your business assets seriously, then your website will not be able to help you establish a valid and useful online web presence. Free hosting will never make this possible. Only with self hosting will you be able to use your own domain to brand yourself, achieve maximum flexibility, and a professional appearance.

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