How to use youtube for traffic generation : We all know how popular youtube is.There are millions of eyeball watching videos out there.But how we can make the most out of it.How can we get the traffic from it.

According to official youtube statement around 2 billion videos are being watched every day be people.If we are able to get even 0.10 percent of this traffic we can get flooded by it and your host will be telling you that you have crossed your monthly bandwidth limit.. now lets stop all this and know how to do it.

We all know that youtube don’t allow clickable links.So when you have uploaded your video on youtube go and fill section Description .In it you should fill the link of your website or anything which you want to promote.

You can add watermark to youtube videos which will increase direct traffic to your website.As people will type in your url name to get on your website.But it will work more better if you choose your url name in people love to type less..

Free web promotion
Free web promotion

Article Submission to quality websites : I would suggest only quality websites to submit articles.Go for relevancy and quality rather than quantity.I think best ones like Article directories: ezinearticles, buzzle, searchwarp,eHow, infobarrel etc.As many of the websites like articlebase and other have added nofollow tag to the author resources webmasters should go for those websites which provide dofollow links.Publishing to a larger, more visible article website than your own, can help you in creating backlinks,traffic as well as seo ranking.There is absolutely no point to get 1000 new visitors to your site if they are not going to convert in.

This makes it an excellent branding strategy.If you are a good writer then article submission alone can help you drive tons of traffic and loyal visitors.You should keep in mind the quality of visitors is the main thing which you need as only few targeted visitors can help you a lot.As it’s not just about getting more visitors. It is also the right kind of people to your website.

Forum posting : Many of us do it,adding signature links can be useful for both backlink building and traffic.But problem is there are only few forums which allow signature links.You can use text link if they don’t allow you to do it.But how to maximize traffic from forum posting is simple make your post more attractive,more informative and choose the topic relevant to your website while posting.

You can also try referring url to get more better traffic then by adding url in signatures.Like suppose you are posting on “how to fix a software” then you can put url of your page where you have added tutorial.

If you are surfing for information about the niche of one way links, please check out the page which was mentioned in this passage.

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