Like a typical extra value meal comes with fries and a drink, so do best web hosting services come with their own extra services. These are the most common.

Common Best Web Hosting Services:

Unlimited Space

Unlimited space is a web hosting service that allows users to upload as much information as they want to their websites. This includes videos, audio, pictures and any other kind of media. It should be noted that such promises are made on the assumption that most users will never upload enough media to reach capacity on the web hosting companys servers. Regardless, it is a cool feature that lets you feel comfortable to build your site as you like, without picking and choosing content.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting allows your site to have the ever important like instead of the long drawn-out names like This allows users to find your site a little more easily. The longer your sites name, the tougher it is to remember, or at least type. This service also makes your site stand out as its own entity rather than coming off as just a vanity page as part of a larger vanity site.

Email Services

Web hosting companies will manage your email whether your site is a smaller personal site or a larger business. Business sites often come at a higher price tag and have the option of adding limitless email accounts while the personal emails will come with a set number of emails.

Site Building Software

Web hosting services provide tools to their users to construct their sites quickly and easily with a multitude of design and customization options. Customers can customize the color and choose from a limited amount of layout options.

Website Transfer

Web hosts will not only transfer your website from a previous host onto their own, but they will often do so for no charge. This way, you can switch plans and website hosts without worrying about rebuilding your site.

Money Back Guarantees

Any web hosting site worth their weight in gigabytes will offer a money back guarantee on their services. Usually this guarantee is tied to uptime. It guarantees the customer that their website will be online and accessible.

Please note that no website can be up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sites must be taken down every now and then for routine system maintenance. But this guarantee lets you know that downtime will be kept to a minimum and usually happens during an off-peak time.