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What To Consider Before Hosting A Website

When selecting a hosting platform, consider the simplicity of use. Windows server technologies have a particularly user friendly interface that any beginner user can simply use. When hosting a domain, you might also want to take merit of such technologies as Microsoft.NET platforms that supply a complicated web and application management capacities. This is however not to say that hosting a site on a UNIX hosting spells doom. There’s unclear hard line that you can use that favors one hosting service above another. before hosting a site, take time to think about your requirements and make an educated call. Before hosting a site, there are a couple of things you have got to remember.

One is that there are a spread of website hosting technologies and has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The 2 commonest selections in the market are Linux and Windows hosting services.

If you asked for my opinion, I’d suggest that you go for Windows Hosting. The reason being because Windows platforms have a complete market of web products that have compatibility with their server technologies. Even some Linux server features and other open-source platforms like PHP and MySQL have been consolidated into Windows 2003 and 2008 server as add-ons enabling you to have a total website hosting package. What’s more, these add-ons don’t come at an additional cost, kind of like a motivation. There are numerous reasons why you would wish to have a web site. You may wish to have an online presence that might turn out to be a very effective tool, you might need to supply support services to your customers or you could have spotted that having a site can save your cash particularly in our existing economy.

On the other hand, most internet host companies will want you to have done research and know precisely what you would like in an internet host package. Anyhow, ensure when having a domain build that you select a professional design.

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Learn The Facts Regarding Cheap Hosting And ‘Unlimited’ Disk Space And Bandwidth

If you’re wanting to place info online then there plenty of free ways in which to do it. However, unless you wish to be at the mercy of somebody else and risk your information being lost forever, then free hosting is unquestionably not the best approach. Look at Geocities for example. Several years ago it was one of the biggest sites on the net and offered free hosting to just about everyone that wanted it. Currently it’s being shut down and anyone that does not move their web site is going to lose their information and years of hard work.

If you want to avoid losing everything you have got built up then you have to be master of your own destiny, which ultimately means owning your own domain name and having your own hosting account. But how simple is it to seek out good hosting? Should you go for a shared hosting account? Or what about cheap dedicated hosting? Selecting low cost reliable hosting can be minefield of problems. Lets take a look at a number of things that you need take under consideration when checking around…

One of the most important things to think about is whether or not the web hosting company you are considering offers a hosting package that really meets your needs. Nowadays most hosting firms are pretty generous when it comes to the disk space that they supply you with. The times of 5MB hosting accounts appear to be well behind us, but it’s still one thing that you should check. Is the potential hosting company offering you enough disk space currently, and enough to fulfill the longer term growth of your website? If your site was to grow beyond your expectations are you able to buy further disk space cheaply, or can you upgrade to their next hosting package up from yours at a low price?

Bandwidth is another vital consideration. There are two camps that hosting companies seem to have split into. Those who supply a fixed amount of bandwidth for your money, and those who provide unlimited bandwidth. I said ‘seem to’ for the reason that in reality there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. For those that have got the time, it’s well worth reading the small print before signing up to any packages that are providing unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth. Both disk space and bandwidth cost the hosting company and it is typically the most competitive and lowest cost hosts that supply these ‘unlimited’ packages, generally for prices like $3.95 a month. That just isn’t a sustainable business model, and customers that try to take advantage of either the unlimited disk space or bandwith can quickly discover that they can be required to either move to a higher price hosting package, or move their hosting to another company.

Review – InMotion

InMotion Hosting is one of the best hosts around and is the most popular for businesses.

  • Fast email with SPAM blocking
  • Different levels of hosting so you can grow
  • 90 day money back guarantee (best we know of)
  • Very reliable with 99.9% Uptime
  • Easy to use control panel and a premium web site builder
  • Unlimited disk space and Unlimited monthly traffic ($8.95 plan)
  • Very helpful, probably best known for top technical support

A few reviews talking about problems with sales chats have come in and we are checking it out. Mostly though we see very good reviews from clients and it is definitely clear Inmotion focuses on customer service and reliability. Overall, we think Inmotion is a great.

Price Value Reliability: Our business has been hosted with for several years now. It’s fairly headache free, works well and our site is up. We don’t call the tech support too much, but when we do, they do a good job. Recently we called to help us configure our blackberry’s and the guy that I talked to was very helpful. My suggestion is to give them a shot. We came from yahoo web hosting (who I suggest you stay away from) and are happily hosted for several years.
At InMotion you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee on service.

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