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Obtain Dedicated Hosting Services from Best Web Hosting Company

Article by Markallen

A business website holds great importance for a businessman that’s why they always try to ensure server reliability in order to obtain best website performance. Most of the business websites are of latest technology which might not be supported by ordinary hosting servers, that’s why a people having business website prefer to choose dedicated server which is considered to be the most reliable and stable hosting server. Many web hosting companies are offering dedicated server but only few of them provide full access to the server but there are some best web hosting companies which are offering fully loaded dedicated hosting server. There are certain aspects of reliable dedicated hosting which must be ensured to provide reliable hosting services.

A best web hosting company offers dedicated server with various customizations, one can choose an operating system of his own choice. The most commonly used OS for dedicated server are Linux, UNIX and Windows. Also you have option to select control panel of your choice, most of the people prefer cPanel and Plesk for dedicated server. cPanel is designed for Linux based dedicated hosting server and Plesk support both Windows and Linux.

The most promising feature of dedicated server hosting is that it ensure maximum server uptime. A top hosting company with reliable co-location server hosting can deliver maximum server uptime as they take every possible measure to ensure server stability and reliability.Another factor that might affect your website performance is application support; most of the web hosting companies fails to provide support for latest web applications which prevent your website from full functionality. A reliable best web host offers complete support for all types of applications and keeps themselves updated to provide you support for latest technologies.

Beside this a best web hosting company houses its dedicated server in data center, where all the necessary measures are performed to make sure server stability and reliability. Also they keep your server secure by installing various security applications and as far as physical security is concern they monitor your server 24/7 just to ensure that it keeps on running so that one can have maximum server uptime which is of great importance in terms of business website.

With dedicated hosting server a best web hosting company offers 24/7 technical assistance so that in case of any issue you can get hold of them. So people who are interested in obtaining dedicated hosting server should choose best web hosting company for reliable

About the Author

Most of my articles are based on dedicated hosting solutions solutions as people really find it difficult to find reliable best web hosting company. I have written hundreds of reviews about the service providers, which varies from shared to dedicated.

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3 Key Factors To Find An Affordable Web Hosting

Article by Sean.Ray

Once you get the business idea for a web site, you are ready for web hosting. There are many companies who offer the service with different features and prices. “A penny saved is a penny earned”, for the small business owners with limited spending potentials, an affordable solution should be a good choice for them.

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap only. A reliable web hosting meet the needs of your web site and the price falls into your budget is exact what we recommend. So, knowing your web hosting needs will make finding an affordable web hosting solution much easier. And below are 4 key factors to help you identify the needs.

The Purpose of your web site

There are always a lot of reason to start your online business. it could be a personal blog, online store, content management site, or Forum. But if your web site is a business site, you will always have very high requirement on the reliability, support and connection speed, in this case, you might need to VPS hosting or very top shared web hosting solution. But for a personal non-business site, the requirement is usually not so high, and you can have a lot of choices.

Disk space and bandwidth requirement

When purchasing a web hosting solution, know your requirement on disk space or bandwidth is quite basic and important. Without enough space, your site cannot run correctly, and short of bandwidth will make your site in-accessible.

Database and Operation System

The only reason that operation system or database will impact your price is that MySQL and Linux is open source and free, but for MSSQL and Windows, you will have to pay the license fee to Microsoft. If possible, always build your application based on php&MySQL unless you have special needs for MSSQL and Windows.

Web hosting has been very cheap right now, find an affordable solution should not be hard if you have identified above requirement correctly.

Want to know more how to find an affordable web hosting, please refer to Web Hosting Coupon and Cheap Web Hosting from Affordable Web Hosting

About the Author

Sean.Ray is an expert on online business. He has more than 10 years working experience of guiding people to create their own online business. webhostingclue.comis his web site where he shares the knowledge about how to find appropriate web hosting solution for a small online business and promote it online.

And you can contact if you have any question about this article.

Guide to Find an Affordable Web Hosting

Article by Sean.Ray

Affordable web hosting is a web hosting solution which falls into your budget range but still can best suit the needs of your web site. Finding an affordable one is not so hard, below are 4 tips to help to find an appropriate one.

1) Know your web hosting needs

Whatever you are looking for, knowing the needs is always very important. Many different types of web hosting are available in the world, it could be shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, or dedicated web hosting. And the operation system can be Windows or Linux. Their prices are quite different and can be range from /month to several hundreds dollar per month. Knowing what you need will save you a lot of when looking for a web hosting.

2) Compare the price

There are so many web hosting service providers in the industry, some of them provide the close service level web hosting solution with different price. Comparing their price and finding out the best price is something worth doing if you want to look for an affordable one.

3) Read the customer review

It’s hard to get to know the real support or service from the web hosting vendor until you use it. But as you know, the cost of changing a web hosting service provider is huge, so, knowing how they really perform is an important thing you should look into before making the final decision. There are many web hosting review site, where you can find the true customer review for the different web hosting vendors.

4) Seeking for a coupon if possible

Once you decide which web hosting vendor you would like to work with, finding a coupon code from them will further save your money. Most of the web hosting company will provide different type of coupon and give a discount.

Want to know how to find an affordable and reliable web hosting, please refer to Web Hosting Coupon and Cheap Web Hosting from Affordable Web Hosting.

About the Author

Sean.Ray is an expert on online business. He has more than 10 years working experience of guiding people to create their own online business. webhostingclue.comis his web site where he shares the knowledge about how to find appropriate web hosting solution for a small online business and promote it online.

And you can contact if you have any question about this article. Save on web hosting and domain names. See http and find the best hosting for your website.

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web hosting reviews through best hosting review site

Article by Sasha Richard

You can’t become successful in today’s world without considering the advantages the Internet could create for your business venture. Web hosting services provide the springboard needed to get you on the path to success on the World Wide Web. helps you to find best web hosting. It’s up to you what you create for a website and how you will use the services they provide. Before you dream of making millions on the Internet, you must first determine which web hosting review will best meet your needs. As with any decision in life, the choice you make could determine whether you experience unparalleled success or catastrophic has always been dedicated to evaluating web hosting service providers each and every year. Their hosting reviews are only come from the top expert web masters and the best web hosting technicians. So congratulations and rest assured as you are about to find out the top 10 best web hosting company in the world. reviews the latest in reliable, feature-rich and affordable web hosting with high quality 24/7 services which always provide our readers full satisfaction and also protected against rip off. Be sure to read their top 10 reviews and choose the company best equipped to meet your needs! The most important consideration in finding a good web host review is to check up on the experience of lots of actual customers. If the majority of people who have actually tried them think they are rubbish, then that is something you need to know. I have already done the research to come up with a list of the top ranking web host companies in terms of customer satisfaction. No web host will have 100% positive feedback, but the web host companies I have recommended below are the cream of the crop in terms of having all received consistently positive feedback from their customers. This list is the result of trawling forums and web host review sites, only choosing the best rated web hosting companies based on the best customer satisfaction feedback, then looking at whether the packages they offer provide good value for money. Only the few that meet both these criteria make it to the have their own data center and have 2 call centers located with in the united have a 30 day money back guarantee and have one of the top customer support service in the industry including a call center, live chat and e- mail support.

About the Author

Hi Its me Sasha… I am from Austin… I have a knowledge about Hosting Review. I know very well about Web Hosting Review.

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Web Host Host Color Offers Textpattern Hosting

Article by Danail Stoychev, Host Color LLC

Host Color (, a global web hosting provider announced today that it has added new software application to web hosting plans. Web site owners who look for easy and flexible way to manage a website now can use Textpattern Content Management System with four of the company’s shared plans.

Textpattern is a web application designed to help website owners and web enterpreneurs to publishing online content, and to simplify the production of well-structured web pages. Textpattern CMS allows beginners and experts to produce online content in similar enviroment as they process text and images on a personal computer without the need of any programming skills or proficiancy in graphic design. Once to publish, Textpattern automatically converts the content to valid XHTML and provides easy and fast revising and updating.

The latest version of Textpatern CMS is now available for Host Color’s customers using Midi, Max, Mega and Multi Domain shared hosting plans. The new application is added to host’s PowerTools package which allows customers to install different software applications with just one click in their account from the control panel.

“The great benefit of Textpattern is its flexibility. Installing and managing plugins that extend Textpattern’s abilities is straightforward and provides almost endless opportunities”, says Alexander Avramov, Marketing manager of Host Color. “The need of such tool is apparent as it will reduce the time for managing a website content and help site owners to focus on quality and running their business”, he added.

Host Color Recently added Drupal and Plig CMS and Wiki software to its shared web hosting plans. More information can be found at

About Host ColorHost Color LLC ( is a U.S. web hosting company incorporated in Delaware. It hosts its customers web sites in data centers in South Bend, Indiana and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Company offers discounts to academics and non-governmental organizations. It provides shared hosting services in Europe through Host Color Europe ( web site and Managed Servers through its new web site Host Color Servers (

About the Author

Danail StoychevMarketing SpecialistHost Color LLCweb:

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