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Getting The Best SEO Advice From PageOneWith Gary


Today’s age of information technology and communication, much is offered in advancing technology and in making money. Global competition is inevitably on the rise and will continue to surge as new breakthroughs are discovered. That is, the more advance you are with the technology, the more chances of you to make more money out of it. In short, cyberspace is a race towards getting on top. Getting on top of the market means better chances of capturing more customers. So it becomes imperative that you position yourself way, way up ahead of the rest in order for prospective clients find your business on top of the Google Page when they search, isn’t it ? Most people don’t search past page 1 or even past page 3?

When it comes to search engines, Google is now the indisputable industry leader. So the question is how can one get onto the FIRST page of GoogleTM? Why is it important for your business website be positioned on the First page of Google ?

Having your website shown at the top search engine position for some of the important keywords can make a big difference in your business. It can bring you tremendous amount of free traffic that can boost your sales and bring your affiliate marketing business to a whole new level.

Just having a website cannot improve your business prospects. Every business needs to undertake effective and affordable SEO to make their site popular online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly effective option to promote your products and services on the Internet. Search engine optimization is the process aimed at improving website placement and performance in the major search engines. It is a complex procedure, which involves many steps.

This is where Get on Google Page One Page One With Gary comes in.
What is Google Page One? Its about getting your website onto the first page of Google search results for your search terms (without using paid advertising) as fast as possible, in a completely Google-friendly way so your prospects in your market CAN FIND YOU.

There are 2 approaches to get on page one of Google, apart from paying for it with PPC (pay per click advertising). One, is you do things yourself like discovering the learning curve required of you to make it work. The other one is a better hassle-free option. That is to get support help from an expert in SEO for a certain fee but will guarantee that your business blog will be positioned on the top list of Google TM. For this purpose, learn why you should tap and work with Get on Page One.

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These SEO Copywriting Tips Can Help You Write Better

What exactly is SEO Copywriting? Search Engine Copywriting is also seen as creating content that is appealing to the search engines, while keeping in mind the human readers. This new form of web writing may be frowned upon if it’s not done correctly. Put simply, SEO copywriting rewrites existing text for new uses. This practice of SEO copywriting involves developing content that relies on targeted keywords. This practice is a little more specific than merely grabbing your Thesaurus to find related keywords to stuff your copy with in the hopes you’ll help your search engine rankings.

This practice doesn’t work because your content must have the right density of words or else it will be considered as spam by all the major search engines. So when you’re engaging in SEO Copywriting, make sure you’re constantly aware of the density of your keywords in your content. Also, SEO copywriting differs from the regular copywriting because here your aim is to not only write for the search engines but also for the human readers who are looking for unique information. This form of writing is not really difficult but it does have a learning curve. You’ll be able to get started right away with the following tips on to start as a SEO copywriter. So you can achieve top rankings like my sites doorlopend krediet and persoonlijke lening.

One of the first things you should concentrate on when it comes to SEO copywriting is headings. Remember that people want clarity when they are looking for information online and if they can’t find it they will move on to the next site. We, as humans love reading headings, as they give us a fair idea of what we are reading without having to go through the whole content. Major search engines like Google recognize this, which is why it sees headings as one of the vital elements to determine what the page is all about.

It is important, though, that you do not use terms that are not in context. Headings have to be related to whatever the content is all about. It’s just like with every business where the customer is always in first position, so too must the reader come first. You must not overlook your readership when you are crafting web content.

Make required text bold – why? By bolding words you attract people’s attention to them as they stand out of the rest of the text. Google understands this fact and they know how people will view bolded words. As bolded text is important to human readers, Google employs it as an SEO element. The outcome you should be after with your content is to impress readers while also providing search engines the components they need to rank your page as high as possible.

So, writing for search engines should be priority number one if you wish for your site to rank well and also get organic traffic that converts.

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Web Hosting Can Really Influence Your Search Performance

An idea that is increasing gaining credibility is that the standard of your web hosting can influence the power you have in search engine’s eyes. This article takes a look some of the reasons this might be the case.

Any decent web hosting company offers reliability as a priority. Most can claim to have uptime of around 99% of the time, but just because a company claims this it doesn’t mean it’s always true. There are some good unbiased reviews of web hosting companies to be found, but nothing quite compares to contacting sites who have already chosen the hosting and see what they think about reliability. Or perhaps you might want to look at cloud computing and relax secure in the knowledge that your website will be able to manage all eventualities, as cloud computing companies “explode” their servers to continually supply adequate bandwidth.

There will be no blocks to search engines finding your new content if your server is always open for business so to speak. What is more, each time a search engines has no problem accessing your site, this gives it more confidence to include your site in search results for users to see. The last thing search engines want is to send traffic to a site that cannot be reached, so if your site down frequently, don’t expect good rankings.

Much like the reliability, search engines do not want to be sending their users to a site that takes forever to load and don’t even want their spiders going to sites where data is retrieved from the server at a poor rate. An announcement was even made by Google early in 2010 that suggested they are now using site speed performance in their ranking algo, so its certainly something worth thinking about. Out of the numerous tools out there, Google very own site speed tool provides some excellent virtualization information about the long term performance of your site.

Good Neighbourhood
Not many people consider the other sites hosted on their shared hosting, but believe it or not their reputation can have a real influence on yours. If you are on the same hosting server as a site that sends out spam emails, hosts malware or is engaged in unscrupulous link building activities, you could find yourself with a bad rep also. Its a good idea to conduct a reverse IP lookup on your hosting server to establish what kind of company you keep. Be vigilant in your investigating of these sites and if you discover anything that worries you, talk to the hosting company about it or find hosting in a more healthy environment.

Tips For Building Premier Backlinks

Link building happens to be one of the most vital elements of effective search engine optimization. This is what you’ll want to do if you want an army of cost-free traffic going to your website. The internet is getting bigger and at a much faster rate, which means it’s important to keep your site ahead of everyone else’s by creating more quality backlinks. Lots of people, when they first start out internet marketing, don’t use link building methods correctly, which means they won’t get good results. However, if you properly plan a link building campaign and do everything correctly, you can, over a period of time, increase your search engine ranks and also receive a higher Google Page Rank. This is the greatest way to receive indirect traffic and that’s because each and every link that points to your site is a potential means for traffic to come through. It used to be that people would exchange links but search engines today prefer links that are one sided. Below are some link building techniques that are easy to apply and offer terrific results. lening leningen

Press releases to release the news about your site is a tried and true way of building one way backlinks to your site. There are many relevant PR sites that you can write press releases to in order to announce the opening of your site. These websites then go ahead and distribute your press release to various news outlets on the web. It sounds easy but most people often overlook press releases when link building. It’s only known to a few that this is a no-charge way of building one way backlinks that will take you far. If you want you can begin with PRLeap and PRWeb, two online PR sites.

A perfect way to build one way links to your website is to write for article directories. These article directories are called “authority websites” by Google and that makes them an ideal and inexpensive way to popularize your link. What you can do with the article directories is place significant articles that may have a link to your website in the resource box under the article. These article directories, when publishing to them, offer you more traffic as well as one sided links to your site. What’s even better is that you regain full control of everything that’s pointing to your site.

Sending your site to web directories is a system that sounds drab, but it’s a terrific way to get you lots of great backlinks. If you have the time and can put in the effort, add this on your list of link building methods. You can search Google for a list of good web directories.

You will reach every goal you have as long as you are always striving for quality link building. You will find it very difficult to get your site to the level it was if you site ever drops in the ranks.

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Are You New To The Internet – Need Help

We talk a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in our writings and share information with you about how to maximize your websites chances of being seen by the search engines. Optimization of course is the way your website will gain “Top Positions on Google” and other fine search engines. We’ve discussed in last few articles the steps to follow to earn organic positions with the engines and encouraged you to get aggressive in your marketing efforts preparing for the next big surge on the internet.

With the high cost of conventional advertising, the internet is fast becoming the advertising media preference for businesses of all sizes even for the major retailers of the business world. The competitive nature of the internet has drawn all types of businesses to get involved in the wonderful world of the internet.

If you’re just starting to build a business on the internet you’ve probably already chosen a product or service that you want to try to promote. You have just made the first big step of an incredible journey that will strain the very strings of your heart as you encounter countless challenges in this journey called the internet. Many people try this form of marketing and give up to quick. Many would have succeeded in their business venture if they had just stuck it out a bit longer. Many got out of the business because they didn’t know what to do and how to do it. Now there’s help for the little guy and gal who wants to succeed but needs some kind of help!

There are companies who specialize in helping the newbie to the internet become successful on line. There are marketing programs that will simplify this process considerably. There are consultants who are willing to help you make the right choices from your initial planning stages of your new venture to the final kick off of your first marketing campaign. You do not have to go this road alone. Let the professional’s help you get started on the right foot early in your venture. Recent reports indicate that getting the help of a qualified SEO professional is probably the best investment of time and money you will ever spend.

These professionals will help you optimize your website with good keyword rich content for your site and will share with you what the search engines are looking for so you can earn top page rankings with the search engines for your business. This is a process that you must learn even if you’ve been exposed to other forms of marketing and sales in the past. The algorithms that the search engines uses for their page rankings are complex and ever changing. It’s imperative to have someone who can keep you abreast of these changes so you can make the necessary adjustments in the title, meta tags, keywords, and content of your website. Out of date information will kill any chances of success is not corrected immediately.

Picking the right keywords and keyword phrases is vital to make the site acceptable for the search engines as well as the internet users. This is how the search engines refers potential clients to your site by matching your keywords to the query the users type in the search bar of their favorite search engines. Doing a bit of research using the Google keyword tools you can find what people are searching the web for and choose keywords that are going to be searched. This will give you a competitive edge when you start promoting your website aggressively.

Using keywords in your site that no one is looking for is an exercise in non productive motion. So maybe spending a little more time on this aspect of your venture will be time well spent. There is software available on the market that will assist you in this process. Some of these programs can be rather pricey so try to use the free Google keyword tool to begin with. You might want to ask your professional if they have a keyword generator and how much they would charge you to do a good keyword research.

You might find it helpful to visit the top 10 sites that appear in the search results when you do a Google search on the keyword or phrases you are considering promoting. This will give you a better idea of what keywords are popular and maybe what got those sites to a top position on the search engine.

Once you’ve established what keywords and phrases you’re going to use, now it’s time to build a website with relevant content including the keywords you’ve selected. Make sure to incorporate some of these keywords in your website title, meta tags, meta keywords, alt tags and definitely in the content of your website.

Once you’ve developed the site and got it up and running, then comes the hard part which is as important as anything you will do in your online venture. It’s referred to as promoting your website. Posting your site to the search engines, blogs, forums and other types of promotion sources should all be considered as a part of your daily duties. Using all of the methods mentioned above you can build links and back links to your site. The search engines love links, so aggressively pursue this part of the marketing process. One way links carry more weight than some of the other types of links but all are important and bear importance with the search engines.

Article directories are an excellent way to build links. You may even consider having your own article directory to submit articles. With an article directory you will have other authors who will write and post to your directory. Each of the post published in the directory will generate links. If you don’t know about how article directories work then let the professionals explain the benefits of this remarkable marketing process.

This whole process of online marketing is an art and science and must be learned. The professionals with the eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you in getting started the right way. Call us today for your free 30 minute “no obligation” consultation.

“Let’s Build Your Business Together”

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

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