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SEO 101 – The First Lesson Of Search Engine Optimization

There are a small number of places around the world these days that do not have the internet and getting your site to go global takes some work. The internet is used in various ways across the globe, and if you are online to do business each person online is a prospective client. Business is no longer limited to a certain group when the entire world has access to your products and services.

It used to be exceptionally simple to get your products out there and get sales. Things have changed though, now there are literally millions of websites each providing content in a variety of ways. All these different avenues of presenting content have made things a little more complicated and now it takes a little more to get your website found, this has also created the need for various tools on the internet for people to simplify the process.

Without search sites the incredible amount of information on the internet would mostly be worthless, because no one would be able to locate it. A search site is an online interface that is used to search keywords entered in a field by users to find relevant content. Online business must be able to be located in the vast amount of content and websites offering comparable products.

Search Engine Optimization is the techniques used to design a website to maximize the potential of the website being found and most importantly ranked by the search engines.

There are basically two ways websites are located on search sites. The first way is through organic searches and that is when a keyword or keyword phrase is typed in and searched. Then the website is visited through one of the listing on the search engine. The second way a website might be found on a search engine is paid per click advertising, and this is where an advertiser pays to have their link listed on the search engine then pay a pre-determined amount per click. To gain an edge over other websites for a particular organic search, a website will incorporate search engine optimization.

The disadvantage and problem is that search engine optimization has been misused and taken advantage of. This in turn has created two types or categories of SEO the first being “white hat SEO” and that is the legitimate way and then there is “black hat SEO” that uses tactics to that are not ethical and manipulate the search engines.

While there are many ways of getting paid traffic, a website that is SEO is more interested in increasing traffic and visitors through the organic search listings. Organic searches will display results regardless of whether they are paid advertising of not. What SEO basically does to increase the search engine ranking is concentrate on a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

By focusing on improving the overall website content in order to generate a higher ranking or listing on the search engines creates better content. Making clean, simple code aimed at delivering the content to the websites visitors to the website. A clean simple code makes it easier for the search websites crawlers to decipher the relationships between the pages and the keywords. By providing relevant content that is concentrated on delivering information to the visitors, ultimately the website will gain ranking on the search engines.

Relevance is the key in trying to make sure traffic is directed towards the business’s website. Longevity can be attained amidst the various trends that alter the World Wide Web by providing relevant content.

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SEO Services – Finding The Good Hidden SEO Services

In a slumped economy and customers thinning out across all margins of industry, the Internet is an easy choice to help grow your business on a smaller budget. Knowing you need to take action sooner than later it can be easy to all of a sudden become overwhelmed with the different companies, their offers, and more importantly, their reputation.

Chances are you have done some searching online already with the terms “Google ranking”, “SEO company”, “search engine optimization”, and other variances. Finding a company to help your rankings in these top popular results have their pros and cons.

The pro is if you found the SEO company at the top of the search engine listings then this company can more than likely get you the position you are seeking as well. Pretty much the proof is in the pudding, right?

The con is the fact that they have their prominent position, they also know they are a more valuable asset to a company seeking services, so they will charge more, a lot more. Another reason for the rate increase for these high ranking companies is to help control customer volume. Many of these searches reach millions a month.

Nobody wants to pay for second rate services, but for many seeking optimization services, they believe that if an SEO company isn’t prominent in a popular search they aren’t any good. This is not necessarily the case, as a matter of fact a good portion of these companies spend so much time working with their clients getting them good rankings that they simply just use an AdWords campaign for a week on Google to grab a few extra clients when necessary and then fall back into the shadows doing what they do best.

You may wonder why would a company not need to rank well in the search engines but still get their customers well ranked and that answer is actually a simple one. What keeps a good SEO company in business isn’t a constant flow of customers but rather the customers they are able to retain. Any one company can grab a new customer but when they are able to sustain their business with current clients month after month and year after year that can be just as much proof as a high ranking optimization firm in the search results.

So what are the signs of a good SEO company? How do you find them? Well, these few ending tips should help you find that gem in the vast haystack of companies. Do not give up your search and be sure to ask plenty of questions.

1. Ask to look at the company’s client base. While some clients may wish to not be disclosed, you should be able to get a good enough amount of clients to contact and verify quality of services.

2. Ask the company how many clients they currently retain. A good number would be 70% and anything higher better. Retained customers is proof of a good track record.

3. Make sure the company has been in business for at least three years or more. The longer in service, the more it shows they have been able to afford to stick around.

4. Another sign of a great SEO company is if they offer no contract or sign up fees. This shows confidence in their work and their ability to provide results and makes the case of retained clients even stronger.
A real quality SEO company will have a solid client base and not require set up costs or a contract. We just happen to know of a company with a 98% client retention rate and who doesn’t use gimmicks or contracts to keep their customers. This firm has friendly English speaking professionals and is 100% operated within the USA in Silicon Valley, CA. They are affordable, courteous, and even give away free no obligation comprehensive ranking reports. We highly recommend this search engine optimization company to everyone. Professional DMOZ submissions come with all of their packages which start as low as $50.00 a month. Oh, and even better, they have no cancellation fees either.

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What You Should Know To Hire The Best SEO Service Provider?

You have a website. Now you need to improve your ranking on the search engines. Better ranking will generate more traffic to your site, visitors who have an interest in buying your product or service. Consider hiring an (SEO) company. The right SEO service provider will understand how search engines work and can customize their efforts to your individual website. Most SEO companies offer their services in packages. You’ll be able to choose the package that best meets your needs and budget.

The SEO Process
The SEO Company you choose should provide an initial website analysis that determines how you are currently ranking on the search engines and identifies opportunities for improvement. With that evaluation in hand, the SEO company can create an action plan to tackle some of the tasks involved in increasing your website’s visibility. These may include any or all of the following:

– Keyword research
– Directory submissions
– Search engine submissions
– Inbound links
– Additional website content using your keywords
– Articles for e-zine sites using your keywords with links back to your site

A dedicated project manager or marketing specialist at the SEO firm should set monthly objectives for your website and keep you apprised of the progress being made.

SEO Is Not a One-Time Job
Many businesses create their website and then never add to it or update it. Unfortunately, that’s not enough in today’s competitive online world. And that applies most of all to search engine optimization.

SEO is not a one-time job. It’s an ongoing process, more marathon than sprint. New keywords need to be researched. Links should continually be added. And keyword-rich articles should be posted often. The search engines are watching and will reward your efforts with improved ranking. In essence, the more work put into SEO, the better the results. That’s why hiring a professional SEO service provider is the best strategy for long-term success.

The Best SEO Service Providers Will Track Your Progress
A quality SEO service provider will provide you with frequent reports that show how your website is performing. You’ll be able to see progress as your site moves up on the search engines for the keywords you’ve identified. You’ll also be able to compare your site’s positioning with that of your competition. The results of search engine optimization are tangible and measureable. Insist on seeing the data. The more you know, the better decisions you can make.

Hire Only Skilled, Ethical SEO Service Providers
As in any industry, some SEO service providers are good, and others are not. The best SEO service providers will have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of SEO, not just one, such as link building.

You also want to choose an SEO firm that uses ethical means to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Avoid companies that use techniques like keyword stuffing, doorway pages and invisible text. While those methods may work in the short term, they’re likely to eventually get you penalized (ranking lowered) or even banned completely on the search engines. Interview multiple SEO service providers and select a company that is committed to SEO best practices and has a track record of success.

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Purpose Of Employing A SEO Service Company

There are a number of businesses operating on the internet today and many more are being added by the hour, if not the minute. The existence of so many online businesses results in an environment which is highly competitive and only the most innovative or strongest contenders can survive such intense competition.

However, the ones who are successful did not have some inherent quality from the beginning. In fact, they simply employed the right techniques and tools for marketing their products or services. Again, these techniques and tools are not confined to a select few but are actually available to every single one of the online businesses that exist today. The primary source where these tools and techniques can be acquired is through a company that holds expertise in providing search engine optimization or the SEO service.

SEO service, as the name suggests, is optimizing the search engines of various commonly used websites so that the client’s website comes up on the top when any web surfer searches for particular keywords on these search engines. Another way for explaining the concept could be that through various tools likes videos, articles, blogs etc., the hired company improves the ranking of their client’s website with the famous websites that employ search engines, which in turn, leads to the client’s website showing up on the first page of search results. The idea is to increase the number of visitors or traffic of a website which should in the long run translate into more sales and more income for the client.

Despite the fact that these services are considered to be primarily employed by big and successful sites, these services hold the potential to boost the popularity of any site provided the products and services provided are genuine. There are multiple ways an online business owner can find out if he or she requires the help of a SEO service provider.

The best way is to check the exact position of the client’s website on a popular search engine. Another way is to check customer retention of the website i.e. how many customers end up coming back to the site. A professional who holds expertise in SEO can formulate a detailed newsletter and other enticements for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. Social bookmarking is another tool used by companies who specialize in these services.

Having an online marketing professional or certified SEO service provider is important because, even though these tools can improve the traffic of a website, they can also ruin the website’s reputation if not used properly. Therefore, as a result, this service can only be employed properly by an online marketing professional as it consists of techniques and tools that are very complicated. However, that is not to say that this cannot be done by the entrepreneur too. An enterprising owner of an online business can achieve SEO on his own but he or she will have to devote a lot of time and study to the field. Furthermore, an understanding of the target audience’s mind is also very important to understand and employ SEO tools.

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The Four Big No-No’s Of Search Engine Optimization Are Easily Avoidable

It seems that we have all made similar mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization and ended up with horrendous rankings. Our goal was to build an awesome website with all the right elements that would put it at the top of the page only to find out we are nowhere to be found. If this has ever happened to you or you simply do not want to repeat the mistakes of others this article will give you tremendous insight into the do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization.

Link Spamming Will Get You Flagged

Links are very important, but only links that are relevant to your site. Meaning, the sites that you are linked to should have the same keywords or relevant content that would appeal to your target customer. Using automated software to find relevant links and send link invites is cool, but in the end you must look at the site and determine its relevance. Rule #1 then is; do not link your site to a site that is not relevant to your content or content that that your potential customer is searching for. You should know this if you have done a thorough keyword study. Here is the bottom-line irrelevant links will get you irrelevant search ranking.

Most people do not realize the intelligence of the search engine bots. Through highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms they can scan your site and who you are to in milliseconds analyzing hundreds of variables. If the bot determines that your site is nothing but a “link pharm”, all the work you have put into the development of your site is for naught. Unless you think you are smarter that a room full of M.I.T math whizzes you should not try to fool the search engine.

Stuff the Turkey Not Your Website

Loading your pages with keywords is big no-no #2. One of the easiest equations for the search engine to figure out is total word count of your page and the ratio o keywords. If you have more that 2% of your total text as your keywords your site will get penalized. Your reader will see that you are more interested in SEO and not in what they want. The search engines call this tactic keyword spamming and you don’t want any part of it.

When writing your content limit keywords to less than 2% of your total content and you should stay well within the guidelines of the search engine optimization rules. This means that you can use the term in the domain, in the title, the description, in each paragraph (in different tenses) and in the resource box if it is an article. Violation of this rule will get you sandbagged by the search engine and the customer…this is really insane, yes?

Do Not Make Your Site A Flea Market

It is true that once a customer buys from you that they will continue to buy from you if you continue to build a relationship with them. Limit your product offerings in the beginning and then expand your customer’s selection once they have bought. It is very true that if you give your customer too much information they will go away dazed and confused which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Avoid mistake #3 which is called the “flea market” rule! Your site should be serving a highly targeted audience. If you had twelve products, it might be better to break your site into four mini sites and have specific strategies for each one.

Try Not To Make Your Site Look Like A Star Wars Exhibit

If you really want to scare your customers away use lots of flashy presentations and graphics. Serious buyers usually have their images turned off on their browsers and abhor websites with a website that says “be patient while the presentation loads’. Search engine spiders are blind to graphics so relevant pictures mean diddly-squat. The only thing the spider will pick up is the name of the picture holder which should be relevant to your content. If search engines can’t see the fancy presentation and it is proven that your potential customers number one do not like them, number two do not have the plugins installed to play them…why would you spend the money on a website that ‘flashes’ your customer?

If you follow these four rules and answer these three questions; what it is, what it does and how your visitor can get on board with what you are offering you will beat out 90% of your competition. SEO is a science with rules that are established by the search engines. Ignore them at your own peril.

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